Training female rickshaw drivers

SUGIYA, OUR FIRST DRIVER Sugiya Devi is the first electric rickshaw driver  trained and employed by Karuna-Shechen. She is from Bodhgaya, Bihar, where 40% of the population live under the poverty line and only 34% of women are literate. Before becoming a driver, Sugiya’s life was difficult and hard as she struggled to provide food for […]

From darkness to light

Good news from India! The 220 solar sets from Barefoot College have arrived at our office in Bodhgaya. They will soon be installed in the villages of Kadal, Barsuddi and Chando by two of our local solar engineers Lakshmi Devi and Puja Devi.  

Speak up about sexual violence

In this Ted talk, Meera Vijayann speaks up about the situation she confronted in her life in India. The stories are difficult to hear, but discover how she transformed her anger and pain towards women empowerment. Through technology and journalism, her voice was heard, and the responses were astonishing.