A moving testimony by a friend of Alice

A moving testimony by a friend (sponsor) of Alice, after the meeting at my village of Zero Branco. Dear Valentino, I have not made myself alive so I do not load too much the box of your mail, but I can not really shut up. What about these days so intense and rich that you […]

This much!

Dear friends, what do you think of this picture? Actually there is a very short story behind it. On 31st of March the results were declared at the Alice Project School. On that day one of our teachers found this girl with shining face. Her smile attracted him and out of curiosity he asked her, […]

Speak up about sexual violence

In this Ted talk, Meera Vijayann speaks up about the situation she confronted in her life in India. The stories are difficult to hear, but discover how she transformed her anger and pain towards women empowerment. Through technology and journalism, her voice was heard, and the responses were astonishing.    

Shining Hope on the field in India

Shining Hope founders, Serge, Marie and Astrid Saint Arnoult recently travelled to the Schechen Medical Center, Bodhgaya, India to look at what has been achieved since Shining Hope started supporting Karuna-Shechen in September 2012.  Serge Marie and Astrid were all impressed with how the projects are managed and delighted to see the amazing work accomplished […]

Non Formal Education for illiterate women

Non formal education (NFE) is for illiterate women who have had little or no formal schooling. The idea is to teach basic literacy and numeracy skills. Something as simple as this can enable a woman to seek employment and open her own back account. There are 18 non-formal education centres organised by Karuna-Shechen.   We […]

It’s not just about light

Tilonia, a remote village in Rajasthan, India, is home to the Barefoot College, set up by Bunker Roy forty years ago. Women of all ages travel to the college from all over the world – from Ivory Coast to Comoros, Honduras to Togo, Indonesia to Panama – to become solar engineers. They are selected in […]