Teacher training for toys and games

On our visit in Bodhgaya, we had the chance to attend the teacher training for toys and games, given by Jennifer from Inter’Lude.

Inter’Lude fundamentally believes that all assisted populations must become actors of their own development. That is why they draw specific attention to providing training to our local partners, especially the people in charge of the children in the daycare centers where they intervene.

The training course deals with different themes such as the benefits of play, the development of the individual, different animations techniques and game setups, pedagogy and the roles of activity leaders.

In India, Jennifer the volunteer has just trained the counselors of 10 villages. Here is her recipe for a successful training course.


  • 10 early childhood center counselors and their assistant
  • 10 motivators ( from the villages)
  • a pinch of coordinators from our local partner
  • 250 g of powdered methodology
  • 5 liter of teaching skills
  • 150 g of shared experience
  • 200 g of mixed games (interior-exterior-drawing)
  • 3 spoons of pleasure

First you open your recipe book to the “training” page (which you would already have translated into Hindi)

Attention :  you can start by taking out the 200g of mixed games and powdered pleasure, Indeed these two main ingredients must be consumed at room temperature; it’s the secret of the recipe.

Then, spread out the first three ingredients on a table in the shape of a “U”. Mix all these components until you obtain attentive and interesting dough.


Sprinkle them generously with methodology and add a ladleful of teaching skills. Let the mixture rest for a couple of minutes.

Butter your baking pan and put your preparation into the oven (thermostat 8) until the soufflé has risen.

Your soufflé is ready! Keep it warm in the oven so that it doesn’t deflate.

For a side dish: in a large pan, mix the shared experiences and the competence skills of the counselors from our pilot project and let it cook on a low heat.

Once your meal starts boiling, add games and pleasures, and finish with a teaspoon of children songs.

Don’t forget to spice your end result with some questions and examples.

Everything is ready! The whole experience is to be served on drawing paper and with lots of coloring pencils.

Seeing the involvement of the counselors during the training course, there is no doubt that the 400 children beneficiary of the project will be more than happy with the results.

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