The annual exams at the Alice Project School

As every year, also this year the annual exams started on the 12th of this month which will go on for one week. Children are very excited and happy for the end of the session and the starting of the new one.

Students of Alice during the exams

We congratulate to all the students of Universal Education Higher Secondary School- Alice Project for their excellent performance in the board exams of the year 2019. As every year this year also the Alice Project students have made miracle. Where the result of the board was the worst in last 10 years, this year once again our students did a wonderful performance and 86% students of class XII and 96% students of class X passed the state level exams. Out of this passing 80 % of the students got the first division and passed the exams with honors. This once again proves the Alice Project methodology is working , statically also we are doing excellent work.




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