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Third recognition for Alice

The recent good news for Alice’s friends : Alice Project is going to receive the third prestigious award from Sampuranand Sanskrit University of Benaras. The Motivation of this event will be :

“The value and commitment of Alice’s researchers in a thirty-year search – unique and successful – for the creation of a new educational paradigm capable of integrating the traditional school curriculum with secular ethics based on a proper vision of the Reality (beyond dualism – maya)”.  We we’ll keep you informed.

The volunteers

We would like to introduce you to Mr. Davide Magistroni and Miss Helen, you can see them in the picture above. They are two new members of our team. They both are young, talented and very much devoted volunteers who want to help the Alice Project now only just as volunteers but they want to be an active part of the team. We are very thankful to both of them and welcome them from the bottom of our hearts for dedicating their help, support and collaboration.

As well as we want to thank all the volunteers who are here and have been helping AP. with their skills and talents, teaching to the students drawing and painting skills, shooting the documentaries, making school videos, supporting us in doing new experiments according to the AP methodology. You all have been doing a great job. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your presence.


Group of volunteers

Group of volunteers: Helen, Ilaria Gambino, Patrizia and Davide Magistroni


A group of volunteers

A group of volunteers, Daniello, Francesco and Ilaria

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