Today’s Teacher Story : Guddu Kumar

Guddu Kumar, 23 years old, Math teacher in Bodhgaya School

I have been teaching for five years at the Alice Project School. In the starting of my career my teaching method and Valentino sir’s teaching method were very different.

When I used to teach the children in the way I have been taught, I found that the children understood but after one or two days they used to forget . But when I saw Mr. Valentino teaching, I was very happy and surprised. His teaching method was different, so I also tried to learn and teach according to him. And I found that children understood easily and did not forget again. I saw children who were very attentive with meditation and an improvement was clearly seen.

Before this I had knowledge. But I did not know how to teach to the children. When children used to ask any question I used to get angry but in the teachings of Valentino sir, I learned that we should love all the creatures equally.

So, I mean to say that what I learnt from his training, I give to the children.

We get a deep experience of teaching through the training 0f Mr. Valentino. I am very happy with his training and if in future I will get chance of some more training, I will love to do that.

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