Training for Alice Project Teachers

Valentino holds training courses for teachers at least once every two months from the time the schools started in India. The themes are chosen in the face of the need felt by teachers or students. A constant confrontation with teachers and students and continuous monitoring has allowed the extraordinary results that we all can see.

These training also play a key role in advancing experimentation and research.

Last year Valentino was far away for several months but despite of this, three important training sessions were addressed by him to teachers and students of Bodhgaya and Sarnath.

  • Training on the philosophy and the vision of the Alice Project.
  • Training on the teaching of integrated mathematics.
  • Training on teasing and bullying.

At the same time, some trainee teachers, responsible for the training have continued the training on the method for teaching math, integrated English and the special program. To have trained teachers who can teach Alice Project Methodology is a key point to ensure genuine and wider transmission of the educational project.

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