Update about the new guestrooms at Sarnath

For developing financial stability an idea was developed to have a guest house connected with the Project.

Last year in September, some renovations work was done where we started to convert some classrooms into four comfortable and refined guest rooms. The project was created by Miss. Graziella Zanoletti, a friend, the ambassador of the Alice Project and bio-geometric expert. Her qualified suggestions made it possible to create rooms that offer balance to the energy-quality of the environment. The rooms were completed for residential training at the end of October 2016. The latest furniture, the Gres stile tiles, and all the decorations hand-made by local artisans, were put in December.

The rooms now…

This is how the new rooms look at the present moment.

The idea of building guest rooms in the school also responds to the goal  of  allowing  people interested in having a complete experience , living the daily life and experiencing the peacefull and the sparkling energy of Alice Project.

Our guests expressed gratitude and joy for their experience. Although it was the first year and we have not yet been adequately advertised, but the revenue has been encouraging.

We are contacting some, travel agencies in India specialized in spiritual tours and some private tour operators who have been organizing tour for groups of people interested in yoga and meditation. The answers from these people is very positive, which make us very optimistic for the Guest house project.

The new building of Sarnath School completed in the summer 2017 but the students could start using them in September.

Unfortunately some serious problems like; demonetization and suspension of our FCRA, effected us, like many other NGOs of India, and therefore the work got slightly delayed.

The work which was supposed to be completed in June, was actually completed in September.

Here are some pictures how the work started…

The workers making the first pillars.

The rooms ready and the workers making the roof of the first floor

Workers Making the classroom floor & laboratory

For the new affiliations it was compulsory for us to have new classrooms and the laboratories according to the norms and regulation prescribed by The Government of India.

The new building has three floors with three classrooms and three different labs for physics, chemistry and biology. There are separate bathrooms for male and female teachers and students on each floor. All the basic requirements for the classrooms are ready and the students are very happy to have them. All the rooms are painted and decorated with the educational charts & inspiring posters

Students studying

An internal look of the classrooms
during one of the lessons.

The new chemistry Laboratory

Students drink fresh and cool water here

An external view of the rooms
with the verandah.

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