Astrid & Serge, Marie & Xavier

Shining Hope Foundation asbl is a nonprofit organization originally founded by Luxembourg residents in the United Kingdom in 2010. It is is registered as Shining Hope Foundation asbl since October 16, 2017. The charity strives to operate efficiently and to minimize fundraising and administrative costs. To maximize the impact of each donation, we only raise funds over the Internet.

Serge and Astrid, married and in their late 50s, have been working in the field of direct marketing for more than 25 years. As company directors, they decided to associate their personal philanthropic commitment to the social commitment of their companies, by pooling their expertise and professional experience, with that of their collaborators. Aside from their professional work, they have made several humanitarian trips to Asia and South America with their children, and have since been supporting various projects. Their dream was to one day create a foundation which would ensure a viable and living planet for future generations. You can check Astrid‘s LinkedIn page, and Serge‘s.

Marie is 30 and has studied journalism and spanish in London. She also did a master in charity marketing and fundraising at CASS Business School. She has done various internships at animal and environmental NGOs such as Greenpeace, TRAFFIC, Friends of the Earth, Wildlife SOS, International Animal Rescue and RENCTAS. She has spent several months at Shining Hope’s projects in India and Malaysia. She manages the work amongst the stakeholders: the employees, the service providers, the donors, and the field. She is also an animal activist. You can check her LinkedIn page.

Xavier is studying business management in Dublin, and has volunteered in Cambodia and South Africa. He hopes to be more active at the foundation once he is older.