Guiding Values Behind Our Actions and Beliefs

Every decision taken by the Shining Hope Foundation is enshrined in our fundamental philosophy: that the projects we support must take a holistic approach to safeguarding local wildlife, natural resources and human populations. Below is further information on the principles that sustain and support this philosophy – compassion, sustainability and transparency. 


It was once said that when the strong help the weak, we all become stronger. While is not always possible to work directly with the most vulnerable people, animals or their environment, we can express our solidarity.  We can do so by funding projects that will benefit the world’s most vulnerable and by changing our own behaviour at home.  Through our compassion we show that we are one world.


Quick fixes are never the answer to long-term problems, and can often cause more harm than good. This is why we dedicate support to partners whose projects last for at least three years and that can be self-sustaining. We carefully monitor each of our projects to ensure that the partners and projects we support have a lasting impact in making the world a better place for wildlife, communities and nature.


Donors can be reassured that we respect their privacy as defined in our Privacy Policy.

In addition, we publish regular activity report updates, through our monthly newsletter, as well as detailed accounts of how all our funds are spent.

 Learn more about our dedication to transparency here.