Visit of Mr. Richard Gere in Alice School

We are very happy and proud to bring you some positive and great news from our Alice Project’s colleagues.

Veteran Hollywood actor, a close friend of HH the Dalai Lama, Mr. Richard Gere visited the Alice School of Bodhgaya branch on 21 Jan 2018. He was accompanied by Mr. Fabrizio Pallotti, the official Italian translator for HH the Dalai Lama.

Alice family welcomed them whole heartily. ‘My dear friend!’ was the greeting from the actor to Mr. Valentino Giacomin, the founder and director of the Project who later briefed him, the ethos of the project and showed the school premises. The veteran was very impressed by the works being carried out by the founder-cum-director, in the field of education which is based on the revival of the ancient wisdom of India into modern education system.

As he met the Chakma boys in the blue uniform, he said : “These are the smartest boys I have ever met.” The actor was surprised to see a Stupa(symbol of peace) in the school premises and seemed to be moved by the positive energy prevailing around.

Valentino presented him the publications of the project and at end of the visit, he declared that “The project is exceptional, we need this method in America.”


Other people present during the visit were: the ambassador of the project in Europe, Graziella Zanoletti; the president of the project, Mr. Tsewang Tenzin; coordinator Miss Ilaria gambino; staff of the project; volunteers; guests and of course, the Smart Chakma boys.

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