Work in Progress in Sarnath

In Sarnath we are proceeding with the renovation of the compound where the Stupa is located. The office has been completed and equipped with new desks.

The external view and the internal view of the office while removation work

This is how the office looks from inside

A plesant moment working in the office

The environment is bright, energizing, and pleasant. Finally we have a large, comfortable and functional work and representation space.

Even the kitchen has finally been completed. The roof has been completely redone.

Different images of the kitchen while the work was in progress

Painters putting the first coat of the paint over the isolated roof

In place of the tin sheets, a robust roof with terra-cotta tiles has been built. A  double  insulating  stratum  has  been  created  between  the  roof  and  the ceiling  to  protect  children  from  the  extreme  Indian  heat  of  the  summer months.

This is how the kitchen looks now from inside and out

The window that overlooked the burnt school area has been replaced with new aluminum frames.

The sink has been expanded and a new piece of furniture marble and aluminum has been placed on the side of the kitchen to allow our residents to store pots and other items in an aseptic and clean place. The kitchen has been largely covered with light tiles that, combined with yellow walls, create a warm, bright and spacious environment. More than a college kitchen, it is remind the cuisine of a large family. And this familiar atmosphere was one of our main goals.

The next work that is scheduled is to rebuild the area that was burned in 2014.

That area was used in the past for the rooms of Valentino and Luigina, Valentino’s office and a small office and document archive.

Having obtained from the new renovation a very spacious office with a large space for archives of documents relating to the school, it was thought of an alternative use of that area.

Finding this space behind the kitchen of the residents, and having a surface protected by the 4 walls of other buildings (the Gayatri Temple, the boundary wall, the wall of the building used as a hostel and, of course, the students kitchen) it was decided to completely use this area for the use of residents.

A large dining room will therefore be built here (a space that is currently lacking and necessary) that can be used in the afternoon as a study room and a game and recreation room.

A space will be left for a bathroom, a large sink, and to rebuild the store room as the new one will be demolished to let in more light and air in this area.

Finally, there will be a small internal courtyard that will be left green: sown with grass and flowers

view of the empty area from hight

A protected corner, nice, harmonious and functional where our residents will have shelter from the heat and cold, will eat all together and devote themselves to recreation or study.

A proposed map for the utilization of the space which was destroyed by fire

In the meantime, also the improvement works of the compound where the classrooms are located are proceeding.

We have repainted an old part of the school, harmonizing it with the colors of the new buildings school.

This is how the building was before the renovation work

The building after the first coat of painting

Painters painting the building

This is how the entire block looks now

The project for the construction of the new school area is also ready. We are waiting for permission to start construction work.

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