World Vegan Month

Celebrate World Vegan Month This November


The month of November is celebrated around the globe as World Vegan Month, an opportunity for people to consider the food they consume and the suffering it causes to animals.  The month was chosen to commemorate the founding of the world’s first Vegan Society in 1944.


Many are choosing to follow in the footsteps of Bill Clinton, Russell Brand and others to forgo meat, eggs and dairy products from their diets.  It is a movement that is growing rapidly in the UK, with the ‘free-from’ foods market increasing by almost 40% in the last five years, and sales nearing £1 billion in 2013 [reported by research firm Mintel].


With 14kg of grain to produce 1kg of meat, and 97% of the world’s soya crops going to feed farmed animals, rather than the worlds hungry, veganism is becoming a more popular choice as people choose to protect the environment, the planet, animals and humanity.


Trustee and Co-Founder of Shining Hope Foundation Marie Saint-Arnoult said:

“The cost of producing meat, eggs, and dairy products is now widely seen as unsustainable and amoral. If we are to continue to live in harmony with the environment, with animals and with each other, veganism must be part of that solution. Try it for November and see what it’s like.”

More information on veganism, including recipes can be found at:

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